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last update: 24 October 2020

Latest: I've put together a very short webpage on the COVID-19.

I suppose the first thing to note is that I'm one of many thousands (or maybe millions) of people in the clan Smith. Google will tell you a lot about many Bernard Smith's, but not about me, unless of course you decided to search on '
www.bernardsmith.eu'. So, first things first, I'm not a recently deceased art historian, or a 17th C organ builder, and I did not start an all-white band called Jokers Wild in 1966.

I'm just someone who studied physics, worked for a while as a research physicist, then became for my sins a bureaucrat, but I partially redeemed myself by retiring early (in 2007). Even before retiring I played with building websites, etc., so it came quite naturally to use the webpage format to keep my ideas all tied together in one place.

I see the webpage as a stable format for describing both our
family travels, and my persistent, but somewhat idiosyncratic, interest in past civilisations and modern-day science & technology. In addition my idea is to slowly integrate my 'Brain', a personal network of facts, links, references, etc. I see my websites and my 'Brain' as complimenting each other. That is the plan, but who knows what it will actually become in the distant future.

At the moment I am in the process of reorganising and revising my two websites for greater simplicity, clarity, readability and relevance.

This website '
www.bernardsmith.eu' is dedicated to my interest in past civilisations and modern-day science & technology, and anything else that attracts my attention.

I also have another website '
www.bernardsmith.name' specifically dedicated to our family travels, and including reviews of hotels, aircraft, airports and airport lounges.

I am building these websites purely for personal reasons, and I have not designed them or their contents for any particular audience. But if by change you have landed on one of my websites you are welcome, and any feedback is also more than welcome.

Best regards, and I hope you enjoy your visit.

My 'Brain'

Alongside these pages I have also a ‘Brain' on the topic of Science & Technology. The application is ‘
TheBrain’ and it helps me create and visualise a personal network of facts, links, references, etc., which they call 'knowledge'. In my case it is an incomplete, but ever growing and changing network of stuff I’ve read, want to read, want to keep, or just want to understand better (…one day).

To access my ‘Brain’ click on the link. Be patient, it can take a minute to load …

Famous Smith's

By chance there was a question on a TV quiz show about naming 'famous Smith's'. It was a topic I had not really even thought about, and I was surprised that I had no idea who most of them were. And even after they were identified, I still had no idea who most of them were.

So I've decided to collect
Smith's who I think are worth a mention. There is in fact a long list of 'famous Smith's' on Wikipedia, most of which are considered noteworthy simply because they play a sport, are a politician, or appear on TV.

My list is much shorter and includes Smith's who I think
really merit a mention, plus a few that I have actually heard of (even if I can't remember why or when).

Drinking Champagne

The Coronavirus disease 2019 was first identified in December 2019, and on 11 March 2020 it was declared a pandemic. Efforts to prevent the virus spreading included travel restrictions, quarantines, curfews, event postponements and cancellations, and lockdowns all around the world. Recommended measures to prevent infection included frequent hand washing, social distancing (maintaining physical distance from others), and keeping hands away from the face.

My wife and I followed the general rule, '
stay at home and only go out for essentials', e.g. food, medication, etc. So we decided to drink a small glass of Champagne each evening with our meal. In order to keep costs down we extended our definition of Champagne to any producer using traditional methods, but we also restricted our choice to rosé Champagne. To make it more meaningful I have put together a small webpage on our tastings and impressions.