Apple Tips & Tricks - if brute force doesn't solve your problem, then you aren't using enough

last update: 21 January 2022

It's difficult to know how to organise 'tips & tricks' and even what makes an enduring hint, so I've decided to try to keep the webpage short, even if it means managing lot of different topics.

I need to cover my different devices, i.e.
MacBook Pro (MBP), the iPad and iPhones.

I need to cover the different operating systems,
macOS and iOS.

And I need to cover
iTunes, iCloud, Photos, etc. and other apps, as needed.

Some of the most important topics must include:

  • System Preferences

  • Passwords and passcodes

  • Two-factor authentication, and trusted devices

  • FileVault

But there will be also topics that are not 'vital', but are just everyday useful.

  • And I've tried to pull together some thoughts about buying a new MacBook Pro.

I've also written up my first experience with a MacBook Pro that failed on me, and was repaired under the warranty.