last update: 14 July 2020

Vocabulary is all about words we use (or don't use) in English. Wikipedia is itself a massive online encyclopaedia and as such also a massive dictionary with lots of lists of English words.

With this set of webpages I wanted to have a place to collect all those words, etc. that I feel are interesting.

Sometime 'interesting' was just stuff I felt I should know as an adult, and/or stuff I feel I should try to remember as an ageing adult.

The starting point was stuff that would occasionally come up in TV quiz shows, to which I've added stuff I found quirky-interesting (even if it was not quiz-related).

So far my webpages look like this:-
Meanings of unusual words, which can be loanwords, blend words, calques, portmanteaus, the odd retronyms, the very occasional apocopation and buzzword, and just words that mean different things in American and English.
New Words - New Definitions, about the way ordinary words are given different, special meanings
Old Words - Old Meanings, about old words that have changed their meaning over the centuries
—— Old
Jargon, Slang, and Cant
Latin in the English Language (the meaning of Latin and Greek
prefixes, suffixes and phrases)
—— Interesting Latin Phrases
Glossary of Interesting Sporting Words
The Language of Geometry and Mathematics
The Language of Science and Technology