Stories Set in Real Places

last update: 14 May 2020

Many real places are found in famous novels, in television programs, or even in video games.

Here are a few "
starter questions for 10":-

Which monument does the title character stumble upon prior to her arrest in Thomas Hardy's 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles'? Answer - Stonehenge

Where does Thomas Mann (German, 1875-1955) situate the sanatorium in his novel 'The Magic Mountain'? Answer - Davos in Switzerland

Where was Paddington Bear found? Answer - Paddington railway station in London

The events of 'Madame Bovary', the debut novel by Gustave Flaubert (French, 1821-1880), takes place in and around which French city? Answer - near Rouen in Normandy

'Ulysses' by James Joyce (Irish, 1882-1941) follows the activities of Leopold Bloom in which city? Answer - an ordinary day, 16 June 1904, in Dublin

E.M. Forster's 'A Room with a View' begins with peevish wrangling' at a hotel in which Italian city? Answer - the novel opens in Florence

'Breakfast at Tiffany's', written by Truman Capote (American, 1924-1984), is situated in which city? Answer - New York City

In Albert Camus' novel 'The Fall', the bar named Mexico City is in which city? Answer - it's in Amsterdam's red-light district

'The Third Man' of Graham Greene (English, 1904-1991), is situated in which city? Answer - post-war Vienna

Where does Holden Caulfield spend much of his time in the J.D. Salinger novel 'The Catcher in the Rye'? Answer - New York City

'Les Misérables' by Victor Hugo (French, 1802-1885) starts in which city? Answer - Digne-les-Bains in Volume 1, even if the story moves to the June Rebellion in Paris in Volume III

In the novel 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', Ernest Hemingway (American, 1899-1961) has his hero assigned to blow up a bridge in which city? Answer - Segovia

Lawrence Durrell (English, 1912-1990) sets his novel 'Panic Spring' on a fictional island, but which real island does it resemble? Answer - Corfu

J.G. Ballard's (English, 1930-2009) novel 'Empire of the Sun' is situated in which city? Answer - wartime Shanghai

Haruki Murakami (Japanese, born 1949), in 'Norwegian Wood', has his main character look back on his days as a college student in which city? Answer - Tokyo

'The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Hemingway (American, 1899-1961), features the annual festivities in which Spanish city? Answer - Pamplona

Mark Twain Cave (which used to be called McDowell's Cave) was Mark Twain's (American, 1835-1910) inspiration for MacDougal's Cave in 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer', but where is it situated? Answer - near Hannibal, Missouri

In which city did John le Carré (English, born 1931) situate his novel 'The Spy Who Came In from the Cold'? Answer - the story starts and ends in post-war Berlin

Which national park features in Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'? Answer - Dartmoor in Devon

In which city does the private eye Philip Marlowe practice in Raymond Chandler's 'The Big Sleep'? Answer - Los Angeles

In which British beauty spot is 'Swallows and Amazons' by Arthur Ransome (1884-1967), set? Answer - The Lake District

Jerome K. Jerome's 'Three Men in a Boat' is set on which river? Answer - On the Thames, from Kingston upon Themes to Oxford and back

On which island does the title character reside in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'? Answer - Long Island, New York

In 'Winnie-the-Pooh', by A.A. Milne (English, 1882-1956), which forest was the inspiration for the Hundred Acre Wood? Answer - Ashdown Forest in Sussex

Which London Pub was mentioned in both Dickens's 'The Pickwick Papers' and Bram Stoker's Dracula? Answer - The Spaniards Inn

Where was the main real-life location of
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider filmed? Answer - portions of the film were shot at the Ta Prohm temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia, and Angkor Wat also appeared in the opening part of the video game Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation

Both video games
Sleeping Dogs and Stranglehold were set on which island? Answer - Hong Kong

The post-apocalyptic world of the video game
Fallout 4 includes 325 historic landmarks of which city? Answer - Boston

The video game
Watch Dogs 2 includes over 40,000 photographs of which city? Answer - San Francisco Bay Area

The video game
Metro 2033 has recreated the landmarks and building of which city? Answer - it's set in the ruins of Moscow

Which video game has recreated the look and layout of
Renaissance Italy with Venice, Florence, Rome and Forlì? Answer - Assassin's Creed II
And which city appeared in
Assassin's Creed Unity? Answer - Paris during the French Revolution

Which video game includes real life spots in
Nice? Answer - Forza Horizon 2

Which Thailand tourist site appeared in
Tomb Raider: Underworld? Answer - Khao Phing Kan is presented as costal Thailand and is the starting point for her quest

Which 16th Century mosque (now a museum) appears in
Assassin's Creed Revelations? Answer - Hagia Sophia in Istanbul