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... and lots of other stuff as well ...

There are a multitude of “arty” magazines on the Web, some defunct but still accessible, others in a variety of different languages, and yet others specialising on a specific topic or place. And some defunct sites have disappears whilst others have been squatted by less-than-Catholic sites. The ones I’ve listed below are those that appear to me to be still active and may have a more general appeal (but not always “that” general). In these times of economic “difficulties” etc. sites can easily disappear or simple freeze up, so if you see one that is no longer operational email me at

Here I’ve listed just a few of my “best” choices:-

My favourite today - the “collection” NOTCOT (design), NOTCOUTURE (fashion), Tasteologie (food), Liqurious (drink), NOTVENTURES (looks like travel), and NOTLABS (experiments)

Top-of-the-Tops”: The Art Newspaper, ART of the day, Art Review,, artsJOURNAL, Arts & Letters Daily, Bad Subjects,, CentrePiece, The Conversation, Critical Inquiry, eurotopics, Eurozine, My Modern Met, NY Arts Magazine, studio international, Tate Papers

Off-Beat”: The Alternative Press Center, ArtLeaks, ARTMargins, Power 100, cafébabel, CTHEORY, Dazed & Confused, DigitalSouls, domus, Design Faves, design TAXI (skip the ad), Edge, The Flaneur, Journal of Artistic Research, Mother Jones, NEWSGrist, NMEDIAC, NOWNESS, The Occasional, the ONION, RAW Vision, toiletpaper, Trebuchet, Reason, Triple Canopy, The Village Voice

French-language: Agenda Culturel, alternatif-art-com, area, art11, ART aujourdhui, ArtCult, AXE LIBRE, lacritique, Ent’revues, étapes, Horschamp, Le Journal des Arts, Le Monde des Arts, Le Monde Diplomatique, Multitudes, MyContemporary, paddytheque, Revue des Deux Mondes, Sens Public, toiletpaper, tribeca75

Spanish-language: are!, ArtNexus, Artezblai, Barcelona Review, El Colectivo, scan-arte, La Vanguardia

Italian-language: Amnesia Vivace, Artlab, The Art Zine, domus, Flash Art, Il Giornale dell’Arte, neural, Un Do

And here we have the full list:-

Aesthetica is an UK-based magazine covering art & design, film, music, and performance. The blog looks to be interesting as is the directory.

Afterall is a UK-based journal of contemporary art, and its relationship in a wider artistic, theoretical and social context.

Agenda Culturel is French language site pointing to théâtre, festivals, expositions, concerts et danse in the different French regions. When I visited they were claiming to point to more than 200,000 events to take place in future. is a French language portal for professionals in the contemporary art field. 

The Alternative Press Center is a US-based collective providing access to the alternative press, e.g. alternative perspectives and social conscience. It has an index of publications, more than 300 links to useful resources, and an active blog

ALT-X says it is “where the digerati meet the literati”.

Amnesia Vivace is an Italian language Web magazine that look to be a critique of society through the arts, e.g. a recent articles were about intellectual property and about recent theatre pieces in Italy.

Apollo Magazine is a UK-based international art magazine, including an archive of past articles and a podcast.

area is a French language site based upon a published revue providing information on contemporary art exhibitions, etc.

archipelago was a journal of literature and art, but it looks like it stopped in 2007, although the archive is still accessible with all past articles.

are! is a Spanish-language site covering música, cine, art y moda.

area zinc is a interesting site promoting different artists. I’ve no idea about past “issues” nor if it is still active or not, but it is still looks interesting for its content.

art11 is a French language portal providing information on contemporary art events and exhibitions, artists, museums, etc.

artcritical is an “online magazine of art and ideas”. It has sections on criticism of exhibitions and books, a features section on visits and commentaries, and a section on the art world.

ArtCult is a French language journal on the art market.

art Das Kunstmagazin is a German language magazine covering art, architecture, design, the art market and photography. 

Artezblai is a Spanish language magazine about las artes escéncas, or as best as I can understand everything to do with the stage, e.g. theatre, dance, music, opera, “show business”, and even exhibitions and buildings etc. used for live performances. 

Art in America covers news, previews and exhibitions, and has a newsletter. During my visit the topics covered included Art Basel Miami, the photographer Kevin Beasley, and the American contemporary artist Johannes VanDerBeek.

artibus et historiae is the semi-annual core publication of the Institute for Art Historical Research. The latest issue (2014) included articles on Botticelli and Michelangelo.

Artist Daily is produced by a “community of visual artists” to share inspiration and ideas. They have free instructional eBooks, a daily blog, lots of videos, and a collection of works by their members (but you need to join).

artist PORTFOLIO Magazine features emerging and established artists and is viewed by more than 100,000 people.

Artlab is an Italian language site claims to be a portal covering artists, events, competitions, etc.

ArtLeaks is a collaborative platform for artists fighting the “abuse of their professional integrity and the open infraction of their labour rights”. This can include censorship by the police or by museum authorities, the problem of the origin of certain funding for events, etc. Each month you have between two and five “WikiLeaks”-like entries.

ArtLex is an art dictionary and is home to more than 3,600 terms used in the fields of art and visual culture.

ARTMargins is both a subscription publication of articles and essays about contemporary art and an online forum for post-modernism, post-colonialism, post-socialism and (post-)neo-liberalism art. To give you a felling for the contents, check out the following people: Mladen Miljanović, Roland Barthes, Irina Botea, and György Galántai.

artnet provides auction features, galleries, prices, alerts, and reports.

ARTnews is a monthly magazine on trends that are shaping the international art world.

The Art Newspaper reports on art news worldwide, including museums, conservation, and markets.

ArtNexus an English-Spanish magazine covering news & views, galleries, auctions, artists, etc. and has a free newsletter.

ART of the day covers exhibitions, museums, galleries, art fairs, auctions, etc. in the world of art. ART aujourdhui is the French language version.

ART PAPERS is a magazine covering contemporary art and culture worldwide. During a recent visit I found an interesting article on the Augmented Reality Revolution and Picturing the Self in the Age of Data (but many of the articles are behind a paywall).

artprice claims to be the world leader in art market information, and its free.

Art Review is a leading contemporary art magazine. They also have the Power 100 listing the world’s most influent artists, collectors, curators.

ArtsProfessional tries to curate the most relevant content for those working in the UK arts sector. is a specialist journalism website about music, opera, film, visual arts, etc., and including TV and gaming.

Arts in Health is a UK-based NHS site on encouraging the use of art and creativity in the heathcare environment.

artsJOURNAL is a daily digest of arts and cultural journalism in the English-speaking world.

Arts & Letters Daily is a chronicle of higher education.

Art Times is a US-based magazine with a focus on “good writing” about painting, sculpting, drawing, film, theater, dance, music, book revies, poetry and short fiction.

The Art Zine is an Italian-based multilingual “fanzine” which appears to collate a multitude of daily postings on everything from painting to street art.

The Atlantic is a very well established US-based magazine of literary and cultural commentary, with a “moderate worldview”.

AXE LIBRE is a French-language magazine highlighting “trouvailles culturelles” published exclusively on the Web. When I visited the site they were talking about home-made furniture, the return of “le vélo”, and the idea to use London’s red phone boxes to recharge you mobile phone.

Bad Subjects claims to be the oldest continuously-publishing political/cultural site on the Web. During my visit the feature articles were on “When Psychics Ran for President”, “Erasure Memory” on the way historical memory is relegated to the dust pile, and “The University of the Commons”.

The Barcelona Review is a Spanish-English review of contemporary fiction, specifically written for the Web.

Bomb is about artist generated content from interviews, essays, etc. is a critical review of books and exhibitions in the history of art and visual studies. For example during my visit I saw essays on Italian Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture and the story of a 700 year old Japanese Tea Jar.

cafébabel looks to be a kind of youth blog about Europe. In any case when I visited it there were some nice up-to-date articles on lifestyle, culture and society. And they appear to have local offices providing a city blog (also with a page for Luxembourg), but a lot of the contributions look out of date.

Cassone is an international online magazine about art and art books. During my visit there were articles on the UK-based sculptor Wilfred Cass, the German-American fashion photographer Horst P.Horst, and the English painter Tim Wright. I had never heard of any of them.

CentrePiece is a UK-based magazine on economic performance. Recent articles covered Fiat Chrysler, “Trophy Architecture” in London, the value of open content production, gender and the labour market, and the economics and politics of the minimum wage.

C Magazine is a art quarterly devoted to critical discussion of contemporary art.

El Colectivo is a Spanish-language magazine for the Spanish-speaking communities in London. It looks to have useful information about lots of different things including living and working in London, cultural events, and even some recommendations for bars, pubs, etc. If you want to know more about cultural publications in Spain have a look at arce (Asociación de Revistas Culturales de España).

Communication Arts covers graphic design, art, design, advertising, ..., everything in visual communication.

Conjuctions is the Web forum of innovative writing.

The Conversation is a UK-based independent group of academics that aim to mix academic rigour with journalistic flair. One of the topics is arts and culture, but they also write on business, the economy, energy, health, politics, technology, etc.

The Cortland Review is a literary journal, with a particular interest in American poetry.

Cosmos and History is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal on natural and social philosophy. When I visited the site they had articles on the Foundation of Mind, the future of philosophy, and the difference between nihilism and biopolitics in the Italian thought.

Critical Inquiry is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the arts and humanities. Their website features exclusive online content, including advance copies of articles that have not yet appeared in the print edition, real time debates between authors and respondents, multimedia articles and presentations, and dossiers selected from their archive and made available free for a limited time. 

lacritique is a French language contemporary art revue, with an “approche critique” on the works, the artists, and the galleries, museums, collectors, etc.

CTHEORY is a peer-reviewed journal on the theory, technology, and culture. I was particularly impressed with articles on Night Sky Drones and “dark mediation”.

cultronix is a journal of art, art criticism and cultural theory. I’m not sure if it is still active, but the content is there. 

Culture Machine is an open-press journal about culture and cultural theory. Recent topics included Digital Humanities, creativity in practice, and the electronic literature of the Mexican writer Benjamin Moreno.

Dazed & Confused is a UK-based magazine on youth culture, with a clear focus on style and fashion (but with some music, photography and art+culture). They claim they are seen by more than 1.7 million “style leaders”.

DigitalSouls is an e-zine, blog and gallery about new media, philosophy and culture. When I visited the site there was an article about the first photograph of a human being, and another on the extinction rates of animals.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an online directory providing access to high-quality open access, peer-reviewed journals. At the time of my visit there were 10,219 journals with nearly 2 million articles from 136 countries.

domus is a Italian-English site dedicated to architecture, design, art, and products. I like the style of presentation and I particularly enjoyed their Christmas 2014 wish list

Design Faves is a kind of news site on design and visual culture. I was particularly struck by an article on “striking images” from design award winners.

Design Intelligence is about both the future and the best-practices of design. It has a lot of interesting articles. 

design TAXI looks also to be a kind of aggregator of news items about design and the arts, but it looks cool and interesting.

The Dreaming Pool, looks to be a one-woman journal about dreams and Jungian psychology.

Early Modern Literary Studies is a refereed journal covering English literature, literary culture, and language during the 16th C and 17th C. There is also a different site called Early Modern Culture that looks to complement this first one.

Edge aims to present the so-called “Third Culture”, presumably after the book by John Brockman, and meaning “scientists and thinkers in the empirical world who render visible the deeper meaning of our lives”.

EDSITEment is sub-titled “the best of the humanities on the Web”, and is a US-based resource for teachers, students, and parents on literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies. 

Educause is for IT professionals committed to advancing higher education. It has more than 1,800 colleges and universities, and over 300 companies in the network. 

English Historical Review is an English-language journal of historical scholarship, so everything from King James I, through British mountaineering to the past failures of international banking supervision.

If you want to know more about French-language cultural revues check out Ent’revues which is a “journal des revues culturelles”, or a magazine of the association of French-language-based cultural revues. And you always have, the French government cultural portal.

étapes is a very rich looking French language magazine on design and visual culture.

The European Creative Industries Alliance is an “open platform” with a page on publications. Looks to be offline for the moment.

The European Cultural Foundation produces a number of publications relating to ways to connect “local cultural change-makers and communities” across Europe.

eurotopics brings together the daily headlines from 300 media channels in 30 European countries.

Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals, linking up more than 80 partner journals and just as many associated magazines and institutions from nearly all European countries. Eurozine is also a netmagazine which publishes outstanding articles from its partner journals with additional translations into one of the major European languages.

Everything Postmodern points to more than 1,000 postmodern theory resources, sites, and journals. It looks like it was last updated in 2004, but it is still working and could still be an invaluable resource.

Exquisite Corpse, a journal of letters and life, has sections on poetry, stories, books, art, etc, as well as techne & psyche, and bleeding hearts.

Fast Company claims to be the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a focus on technology, ethical economics, leadership, and design.

Fine Art Connoisseur is all about representational paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints.

The Flaneur maybe a UK-based one-man-band covering art, travel, film & TV, books, fashion, music & theatre, eat & drink, and lifestyle (almost everything except work!). But I liked the site and its contents.

Flash Art is an Italian-English magazine on contemporary art. The English and Italian versions look different.

Frieze is the online magazine of Frieze, the art fairs in London and New York. You also have the TEFAF in Maastricht.

Il Giornale dell’Arte is an Italian language magazine with a circulation of 20,000 all about new and events in the world of art.

Global Museum covers news, jobs, resources and museum studies. It has a resource links page, as well as a page on artifact analyses and world heritage. 

Hidden Room is a one-man blog, but it does a good job covering art & culture, design, video, architecture, world, lifestyle, and nature (another one-man-show that covers everything except work). But I like the style and the content is up-to-date.

Highwire claims to be the worlds largest free online full-text sciences archive, with more than 2.4 million full-text articles covering everything from bio-chemistry, through psychiatric treatment and comparative law, to politics.

Horschamp (Cassandre) is a magazine that aims to look differently at the way we live together in contemporary society.

Image covers art, faith, and mystery but it has been doing so for 25 years. When I visited there were articles about a Madonna concert, and an interview with the american musician and song writer Terry Scott Taylor.

inexhibit is an independent platform for museums and exhibitions. When I visited they were promoting exhibitions in Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Warsaw, Umeå, Aahrus and San Francisco.

The International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies is a global network of national arts funding agencies, and they have useful publications page and a newsletter. As an example you have in England the Arts Council that supports artistic and cultural experiences with an annual budge of around £3 billion.

The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts is a professional network, with a page of publications on topics such as work practices and the economy of art.

Interview Magazine does just that in the worlds of fashion, music, film, video, culture, art, ... During my visit they were talking about Madonna, the photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, the music of Busy Living, and American actor Charlie Day.

Le Journal des Arts is a French language magazine about heritage, exhibitions, contemporary art and the art market.

The Journal of Artistic Research is a open-access peer-reviewed journal, and includes a searchable database of artistic research. A very impressive, and deep, collection.  

Leonardo is the journal of The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. It appear to cover a lot of things, e.g. music, books, reviews, transactions, and they even have a French language observatoire. It appears to be quite massive, but I soon got lost, and at the same time did not find much content!  

Literal Latté is a journal of prose, poetry, and art. It has been going for 20 years which says something in this day and age.

London Review of Books is just that, an English-language magazine of book reviews and essays.

Magamall is consumer magazine resource with more than 1,800 magazines on its newsstand.

Modernism is an academic journal covering the period 1860 to mid-20th C.

Le Monde des Arts is a French language magazine about artistic events and exhibitions.

Le Monde Diplomatique is a well-known French-language is a monthly about international politics.

Monocle covers global affairs, business, culture, design, etc. The presentation is a bit along the “tiles” line, but on my visit there were pointers to extracts from radio, film, and magazines.  

Mother Jones is a US-based news source for investigative, political and social justice reporting.

The Motley Fool claims to be all about investing better, and includes sections on how to invest, retirement, funds, etc.

Multitudes is a French-language revue about politics, art and philosophy.

MyContemporary is a French language magazine designed to help us discover new contemporary artists.

My Modern Met is a blog about sharing and connecting inspiring ideas across art, design, photography, and architecture. Featured posts included contributions on sky prints, futuristic wind turbines that look like trees, mega-gatherings of animals, and meals of the powerful throughout history. Very enjoyable.

National Geographic, enough said.

neural is an Italian and English magazine about digital culture and media arts. There is an interesting “neural archive” that might be worth mining. 

NEWSGrist, “where spin is art”, is a US-based blog with a focus on the politics of art in the digital age. During one of my visits the main topic was about the implications of replication and plagiarism by reproducing famous works of art inscribed onto the surface of a silicon wafer much smaller than the eye can see, e.g. identical to the original but too small to be perceived.

NewPages is about literary magazines, independent publishers, and creative writing.

New Republic is US-based and covers politics, culture and “big ideas”.

New Statesman is a very well-known English-language magazine about politics, culture and current affairs. It even has a section on Gibraltar.

NMEDIAC is a peer-reviewed journal of new media and culture. At the time of my visit topics covered included reblogging, hacker journalism, hate speech, and “digital sacrality”.  

NY Arts Magazine is a portal on contemporary art, attracting 20 million hits annually. The information is updated daily, and our archives and daily newsletters include 2,000 galleries, 10,800 shows, 40,000 artists, and 35,000 images.

NOTCOT is a network of design sites attracting 5 million pageviews monthly from “creatives, design lovers and trendsetters”. You will always find something interesting. The NOT Empire includes NOTCOT, NOTCOUTURE (fashion), Tasteologie (food), Liqurious (drink), NOTVENTURES (looks like travel), and NOTLABS (experiments).

NOWNESS is a video channel showcasing contemporary culture through film.

The Occasional, “funny or die”, is a journal of American humour.

the ONION is all about political satire. During my visit in Dec. 2014 there was an article about the Pope having to rummage through the Vatican basement for his Christmas decorations. 

openDemocracy is an English-language “digital commons” (their expression for the magazine) that champions human rights, debates democratic change, critiques vest interests, and practices “openness”. Very opinionated, but well worth a read - will make you think.

O32c is a contemporary culture magazine with a focus on the cutting-edge in art, culture, and fashion. When I visited it was covering fashion, publishing, architecture and interviews.

paddytheque is a French language portal about cultural events and exhibitions. I think it is onyl for France, or even the Paris region. 

Paper Monument is a journal of contemporary art, which tired to focus on topics often overlooked by mainstream journalism, e.g. Did Anyone Understand Chinese Art and On The Aesthetic Edutainment of Man.  

Pavilion is an English-language journal for politics and culture. During one visit the journal had articles on the French philosopher Bruno Latour, and the German philosophers Ludger Schwarte and Maria Muhle. I had never heard of any of them.

Per Contra is a journal of the arts, literature, and ideas, but looks to have a strong focus on poetry and fiction.

Perfumeblog is a very visual blog about contemporary art.

Philosophy Now is “a magazine of ideas”, that is philosophical ideas. It claims to the most widely read philosophical periodical in the English language.

The Poetry Society is the English-language magazine of The Poetry Society.

RAW Vision aims to bring Outsider Art to a wide public. Outsider Art is another word for art brut, or raw art, or rough art, which migh include self-taught or naïve art. 

Reset DOC is a Italian-based English-language Web magazine about inter-cultural understanding. During my visit the highlighted were three articles entitled “Islamic Philosophy in the Age of Ethical Malaise and Local Turmoil”.

Revue des Deux Mondes is a French-language about “la vie intellectuelle française and européenne”.

Roz Dimon has his own site on his works and commentaries about art, politics, etc. An example of a one-man, cool, site. And he also has ArtStory, DimonScapes, and DimonArt

salvage & redesign is all in the title, but I’m not sure about anything else. I’m not sure if this site is still operational.

scan-arte is a Spanish-English site about Spanish contemporary artists, and including Latin America. 

Seismopolite is a journal about art and politics. When I visited the site the discussion was about freedom of expression and what was happening in Turkey, China, Egypt, Greece and the Congo.

Sens Public is French-language revue, now based in Canada, aims at a theoretical analysis of the changes in the public sphere.

Slate is a US-based magazine on politics, business, technology and the arts.

Spark covers media, new technology, and our “electronic consciousness”. When I visited the site the core topic was on retro-recycle-reuse. Is this site still working?

spiked is an English-based current affairs magazine with a strong focus on freedom of speech. During my recent visit topics included ISIS, feminism, and UKIP.

studio international is about the visual arts, design and architecture, and has over 1.5 million pageviews per year.

swissart is dedicated to covering the Swiss art scene.

Tate Papers is part of the research publications of the Tate, the British national collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Times Literary Supplement is a major English-based forum for literary culture, e.g. publications, theatre, opera, exhibitions, and film.

this is tomorrow wants to become a comprehensive archive of contemporary art.

toiletpaper magazine is one you will have to work out yourselves.

Trebuchet is a magazine of contemporary art, activist politics, and ecstatic music. When I visited they were talking about the acoustic group Luna Rossa, the singer Taylor Momsen, and the German painter Anselm Kiefer.

tribeca75 is a French language magazine about what is going on in Paris in contemporary art, fashion, design, and music.

Reason is a US-based magazine of “free minds and free markets”, i.e. politics, culture and ideas.

Triple Canopy is a US-based magazine about digital works of art and literature, public conversations, and books. As an example, during my visit there were podcasts on The Internet Hate Machine and Ghost in the Machine.

Un Do is an Italian language site and network of artists, curators, and “operators” who produce contemporary art. I must admit I found it confusing but in a good way!

Utne tries to identify fresh perspectives in the arts, culture, politics, and spirituality. A couple of topics from a current issue were on surrogate mothers in India, and asking the question whether your brain was a radio?

La Vanguardia is a Spanish-language edition of the diario La Vanguardia, with a special daily section for Andalucía.

The Village Voice is the largest US-based alternative no-holds-barred newsweekly.  

Wetcanvas is a forum run largely by volunteers and it is all about painting, learning to paint, and tools of the trade. Looks to be a fantastic resource and it has more than 800,000 members.

Whitehot Magazine is a magazine of contemporary art, with an aim to introduce as many “new voices” as possible.