Post-Modern Art & Architecture (post-1945)


At the moment this is just a page holder. I hope one day to be inspired enough to draft something on the art, architecture and antiques of this period. I live in hope!

Contemporary Art clearly is art produced today, but equally it is seen to cover all art produced after WWII, e.g. post-1945. In many ways it overlaps with Modern Art (1860’s to 1970’s) and Post-Modern Art (best seen as a sub-sector of Contemporary Art starting probably in the early 1960’s and lasting through to near the end of the 1980’s).

In a rather arbitrary way I have divided up contemporary art into two sections, everything except the “-isms”, and the “-isms” ranging from abstract expressionism to funism. The idea of just looking at the “-isms” in contemporary art will let us zig-zag in an unconventional way through the last 60 years of avant-garde art.